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Advanced Technical Help: How to Create Email Alias in SBCGlobal Email?
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Posted At: 4/6/2021 3:29 AM
How to Create Email Alias in SBCGlobal Email?
Users use SBCGlobal email to communicate with various contacts available at SBCGlobal and other emails. Alias email is the second email address used as the primary email to reply to every message received on the first email account. Generally, it is used to ignore communication between several contacts that can be spams or friends. Let’s focus on a few steps to create an Alias email in SBCGlobal.

● Go to “SBCGlobal account settings” and click on “primary email Id.”

● Next, click on “manage identities”>Add option

● Once the name is added, mention your “Alias email address” in the “Email Id” space and then answer to “Email Address.”

● Setup other options such as “encryption, messages and reply quote”. Then, press on the “OK” option to complete the procedure.

If any trouble, you must dial the SBCGlobal customer care number to fix it.

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