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Advanced Technical Help: Sample Letter Requesting a Pay Raise
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Posted At: 3/24/2020 1:00 AM
Sample Letter Requesting a Pay Raise
There are Sample Letter Requesting a Pay Raise. This post will help you solve the problem. Read the following.
Updated March 13, 2020
Nervous about asking for a pay raise? Putting your request in writing might make it easier. A written request gives you a chance to pitch the reasons why you’re worth more than what you’re currently getting paid, without stammering over your choice of words.
1. Is It Really OK to Negotiate Salary by Email or Letter?
Some career experts will tell you that in-person is the only way to go when it comes to negotiating a pay raise. That’s not necessarily the case.
Many (if not most) people are uncomfortable talking about salary. This is true for both the people in charge of giving out raises and the people hoping to receive them. In fact, data collected for PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide showed that only 43 percent of respondents had ever negotiated salary in their current field. Twenty-eight percent of folks who didn’t ask for a raise listed discomfort talking about salary as their reason for holding back.
Making the request in writing helps ease any discomfort you or your boss might feel. It gives your manager a chance to consider your request before he or she responds.
Sending a written request avoids putting your supervisor on the spot, and it can pave the way for a discussion about your wages and a potential increase.
It also gives you the chance to do your homework and make your request as smoothly as possible.
No need to worry about forgetting what you want to say or stumbling over the words when you can write it all down.
In addition, your letter provides formal documentation of your request for a pay increase. It’s always best to have a paper trail for important business communications. Unlike a verbal conversation, a letter requesting a pay raise documents exactly what you’ve asked and how you’ve asked it.
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