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Posted At: 5/21/2020 11:53 AM
About slave narrative
The slave trade chatter was practiced in Africa before the introduction of the European slave trade. This accursed trade will later descend to the continent to root and erase its rich heritage, drawing a new veil of human relations: either you were a slave or a master. The infamous trade, which subjected helpless people to forced labor and forced labor, showed the most tragic of all the villains, barbarism, inhuman and unforeseen suffering and torture for "uncivilized" Africans and West Indians. In short, slavery transformed man's moral ethics and inner essence by making others simple means of achieving selfish desires rather than respecting them as goals. As Mary Prince emphasized, "the infection of slavery believes that it can change the very nature of man." More about this can be found at the link https://essaysservice.com/essays/research/slave-narrative-essay.html
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