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Posted At: 6/25/2020 11:14 AM
SharePoint is a platform developed to work as an intranet. This implies, even when there were times and assets devoted to doing as such tasks, it’s a completely custom solution. With out-of-the-box intranet services, the features and functionalities have been pre-worked out for you. While it is still exceptionally adaptable in design and configuration, changes are made through the front-end. Thus, you’ll need to figure out how the site is designed and how changes are made. There are many organization that successfully performed Microsoft Intranet Migration. A SharePoint migration tool will be both intense and simple to utilize.

How to Perform an Intranet SharePoint Migration
It may appear a bit hard with custom PowerShell scripts, for instance, yet a migration tool will be a much better option to explore. Tools developed by any SharePoint development company for Intranet Migration is the best option to guarantee everything goes easily.
Regardless of the manner in which you need to go, there are a few contemplations you have to take before considering your Intranet migration.

The advantages of SharePoint in the cloud:
Runs on the most recent version
Access to most recent features on the go rather than sitting tight for Features Packs
No need for future migration since, you are already in the Cloud
No need of SharePoint Server for maintenance
Better incorporation with other tools
Better adaptability
Quick Backup (Microsoft backs up your homestead for you)
Less burden on the system admin
Application for your smartphone

You should move to SharePoint Online as well
Migrating SharePoint Intranet from 2016 On-premises to the cloud is simple straightforward and the thought that it would be your last migration ought to be a relief for anybody with SharePoint intranet migration. With the correct tools and process, we can relocate you from any rendition to SharePoint Online.
Over every one of the advantages we’ve offered. SharePoint Intranet migration is the ideal time to tidy up your intranet and dispose of old, unused content and data. It was amazing to use the new SharePoint Modern pages functionalities with interactive and shiny look and feel.
There are some marvelous add-ons coming to SharePoint Online in the coming months, for example, Forms Web Part, Planner Web Part, and an updated SharePoint hub site. Other than that, there is extension utilizing SharePoint Framework (SpFx), so this is an exceptional time for SharePoint developers and clients. I feel SharePoint as a developed and mature solution, and now that it leverage the O365 stack; there is no better platform to develop a robust agile and engaging intranet solutions.
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