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Advanced Technical Help: Our Environment: The Use of Computer Technology
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Posted At: 10/17/2020 3:42 PM
Our Environment: The Use of Computer Technology
Environment seeks to quantify the impact of contaminants in the human environment and to address human impacts on the natural environment itself”. Environment refers to the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded. Human beings are surrounded by various commodities both physical and non physical. These surroundings have an impact on the human both in present and future. Purchased In this regard, we apply the computer technology in a work setting is viewed as an environment and identify what future holds due to continuous use of it.
In many business organizations both private and public sector the use of computer technology is becoming a trend in the United States of America. Computer technology refers to the application of computers in a given organization to perform different tasks and hence make work easier in that particular work setting. Computer technology refers to the activity of designing, constructing and programming. It implies to the practical application of science to commerce and industry. A computer is defined as a device that computes, especially a programmable electronic machine that performs high- speed mathematical operations, and that assembles, stores, correlates, and processes data. Computer technology is an environmental condition that nearly every person and business firm embraces due to its varied multitasking ability.
A recent survey of about 1627 both large and mid size U.S. companies by the American Management Association showing that active monitoring of employees’ emails and internet usage has surged in the last couple of years. The survey indicated that nearly about 80 percent of employers check their employees’ email or telephone data, especially when recruiting them and running the operations of the organization. He also points out in his report that a former Susquehanna Township police officer had combined his passion for law enforcement with 20 years of computer experience to help small- and mid-size employers keep tabs on their workers' inappropriate computer usage. This means that computer usage in many business organizations is being embraced by both small and large scale organizations in private and public sectors.
A question that many individuals ask themselves is: why is computer technology being embraced by all? Computer technology usage is not an easy task; it requires preparedness of an individual financial status; however, majority of people are trying to apply computer technology in both commercial and private activities. The expert points some of the benefits that an individual would realize as a result of applying computer technology in his or her work place. The cost of production of goods and service rendering has reduced dramatically in the recent years; networking has become easier; employment levels have shown a higher increases and individuals have become more efficient in undertaking quite complex tasks and processes. Technology has led to improvement in different sectors such as the health care sector which has had major improvement as a result of technology. Other sectors are education sector, communication sector and business sectors among others.
In the business sector, costs of production have gradually reduced due to automated processes. Research and development have advanced hence leading to the invention of ground breaking technology. Company accounts and customer records can be easily stored and accessed hence providing easy penetration of the business. Global collaborations and partnerships have become easier to start and maintain. It has become easier to combat completion that leads to more choice for consumers. In the business sector, the highlighted benefits cannot be overestimated despite the fact many people despise them and claim that they replace human labor in many organizations. She pointed out that computers speed up the tasks and help individuals connect quickly and easily across the world via Internet. They act as a source of data storage, provide access to information due to Internet connectivity, and cut down the amount of paper work in a work place.
In the health sector according to Thadani, some of the benefits realized include the communication between doctors and patients, personal records kept and accessed easily, some medical aids have helped people overcome many medical conditions, and research on new medicine has become advanced. In the education sector, some of the benefits realized include personalized learning; students pick their own curriculum easily, and distance learning has become more convenient. Use of computers in the class room has provided effective teaching and learning. In the communication sector some of the benefits realized include people being able to reduce the speed of passing information from one individual to another, mode of talking has become more personalized, the world has begun acting as a global village, and clarification of information has become possible. Additionally, information and news broadcasting has improved dramatically.
Though the computer technology is proving quite advantages in all corners of the economy, it has potential drawbacks, as well. Some of the drawbacks include: in the communication sector it has changed the dynamics of human interaction. Pondent points that the quality of communication suffers because an individual may multitask, communicate with another individual while surfing the Internet; this would have an effect on the quality of the information provided because of divided thinking of an individual. It reduces face to face communication, though the computer technology makes it in touch to individuals face to face communication is reduced greatly. It leads to the creation of social isolation with the passage of time because some people feel isolated instead than being connected. In the business sector, majority of people end up being replaced by the computers in a work place, they are rendered jobless. The installation and acquiring of computers are expensive and thereby a lot of money resources are used to purchase the equipments such as computers and related accessories. Computer usage requires power supply and, therefore, regions without power may not realize it. Many people would like to use computers but due to some of these limitations such as the electricity inaccessibility and financial constraints make them not able to access them. The government has begun putting ways in which power supply would reach them, and this would ensure that they enjoy such services.
Computer technology is currently being embraced by all individuals in the world. In the next fifty years probably all individuals would see computers as friends and enemies as some individuals claim. This is attributed to the fact that most employers and state institutions are currently recruiting individuals with information technology knowledge. This trend would imply that the use of the computers eventually becomes a reality in the next fifty years. The world would act as a global village where people would pass information to each other easily. The computer has revolutionized our world as those things associate with it such as the internet, software and hardware, and the computer will continue to advance and change our lives for years to come. This means that, in the next fifty years, the computer technology would become a companion.
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