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Advanced Technical Help: How can you diagnose and fix the overheating...
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Posted At: 7/1/2019 5:35 AM
How can you diagnose and fix the overheating issue of HP Laptops?
The basic step that every HP Laptop users need to when they notice that their HP Laptop is overheating is to clean the fan of your system which is known for providing cooling to CPU and graphics card. Check the below-mentioned solution steps too:
• Remove the battery after shutting down the laptop
• Unplug all the cables of your HP Laptop
• You can clean your laptops fan with the cotton stab that is dipped into alcohol. And before reconnecting the laptop, make sure that alcohol is completely evaporated.
• You can also use a Vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt which has been clogged on your system’s fan.
If by following aforementioned steps you are not able to resolve the issue on your own then communicate with HP Laptop Customer Support Number where you will be provided with a reliable solution of each and every laptop problem.
For any HP issues contact: - https://customer-care-help.com/hp-support-number/
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