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Advanced Technical Help: Quick Launch bar to wide
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Posted At: 3/15/2004 12:04 PM
Quick Launch bar to wide
Interesting.  I thought this was only me that observed this behavior.  This is a fairly (infrequent) but none the less annoying problem I've seen since SPTS 1 (from Front Page 2002).  I'n my opinion it has root cause in the incredible number of nested tables used for the page layouts.  Symptom is primary evident on Home page.  I've never been able to resolve it myself - but - my virtual sites are hand-coded HTML with the SPTS compopnents and I've never seen it happen.  Maybe this is because my tables dont nest that deep.  I believe the common place practice of nesting tables within <TD>'s within more and more <TD>'s does this.  Observed with all IE's upto and including 6 SP1.
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