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Advanced Technical Help: HP Printer Not Printing?
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Posted At: 7/2/2019 4:12 AM
HP Printer Not Printing?
Users try several actions when they see their HP printer not printing. It’s great if you know how to fix the issue. However, if you have no idea about the error, do not make any changes without guidance. Moreover, you have the services available, then why to take a risk to complicate HP printer not printing error state.
How to fix it?
Although users have multiple choices to get the help from, it is better to find the one from where you get instant response. You may choose to chat with HP support assistant or call the experts. To troubleshoot the error, determine these factors-
• Printer is connecter correctly with the computer/ mobile
• You have an updated and compatible version of HP printer driver
• If connected over a network, make sure the printer and computer are connected with the same network
• The cartridge has ink
Refer HP Independent Services -
a href="https://www.hp-number.com/">HP Customer Service | HP Support Assistant | HP Printer Assistant
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