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FAQs: How do I select the root level template
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How do I select the root level template
We default the top level site to the Team Site Template.  We had an overwhelming number of requests for this because users were picking one of the other 7 templates (which do not display all of the functionality of SharePoint) and were dissatisfied.

When you create a sub site, you will be prompted to select a template.  You can use one of the 8 provided by us, or at the root level, upload/create your own.  Just add your template to the root level template catalog and it will in the list of available templates when you create your sub site.  For example:  http://mysite.sharepoint.apptix.net will be your home page with a link to your subsite http://mysite.sharepoint.apptix.net/marketing.  You can even add a Marketing link to the top nav bar of your home site through FrontPage.
Created at 4/11/2003 10:37 AM by Support
Last modified at 4/11/2003 10:37 AM by Support