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Multiple authentication prompts accessing documents
When clicking a link to an Office document hosted on a WSS site with Anonymous Access, there are many authentication prompts.
SharePoint BETA 2Turn Anonymous authentication on
Add some Word documents to a document library in the site
Browse the site and click the link to one of the documents as an anonymous user
Multiple authentication promptsDocument opens in MS WordFixed for next release
Contact Folder in Outlook after site deletion
If you have a contact list in WSS linked to Outlook 11 and you delete the site, Outlook keeps the linked folder.  If you select the folder in Outlook, Oulook closes without warning.
SharePoint BETA 2Create a Site
Create a contact list
Import contacts
Link to Outlook (when asked to create a SharePoint folder, select yes)
Ensure the folder gets created in Outlook and that you can open it with the correct content.  All this works great.
Delete the site
From outlook, open the SharePoint Contact folder
Outlook closes (without warning).  Every time you click on that folder, outlook closes. THe folder gets deleted when the site is deleted.Delete the folder manually
Cannot create a meeting workspace through Outlook
Attempting to create a meeting workspace under your top level WSS site through Outlook isn't authenticating properly when your anonymous setting is set to allow access to the entire site.
SharePoint BETA 2Top level site set to allow anonymous access to the Entire site.
Create a New Meeting Request through Outlook
Select Invite Attendees
Select Meeting Workspace
Change Settings
Select Location - "other"
Type in the Url of your Top Level Site
You don't have permission to access this server.A WSS login prompt should appear.Create the Meeting Workspace manually through WSS.


Change your anonymous access site settings to none.
When I use the Group By function in a view, the render fails.
When editing a view, if you choose the use the Group By option, the render will fail.
SharePoint BETA 2Select modify columns and settings in a view.
Select a view to edit
Select the Group By option
Choose an option to group by
the report fails to Render with an error stating
<Failed to Render>
The report Groups by the selection.Don't use the Group By Function
Multiple Authentication Prompts when opening Web Folders
Opening the Explorer View in a library asks you to authenticate multiple times.
SharePoint BETA 2From a document library or a picture library
select the Explorer view
Receive multiple login promptsThere should be no authentication prompts, explorer view should idrectly open.select cancel at the login prompt.
Java Script Error when opening a Folder
If you have folders in your document library, when you click on them you'll recieve a JavaScript error.  This causes you to have to refresh the page to bypass.
This error is caused by having Office 2002 SP1 or earlier installed.
SharePoint BETA 2Navigate to a document library with folders inside.
Select a folder.
Java Script error causing you to have to refresh the page.New page loads without errorInstall MS Office 2002 SP2 or MS Office 2003 Beta