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Common User Issues: Can't access Word documents after upload
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Posted At: 4/16/2004 11:56 PM
Can't access Word documents after upload
I'm not sure I've got the right terms here. Anyway, here's the issue.
I can place a document into a library, but once it's there I can't open it to check other people's changes or to add changes of my own.
There is a reference to a "drop arrow" in Help, but no such thing shows up anywhere on my screen. Presumably if it were visible, there would be an 'open file for edit' option or similar.
If I double click on the file name, I get a dialogue box telling me I need a Sharepoint compatible program plus IE 5.0 or above. I'm running Office X and IE 5.2, so there should be no issues.
Finally, how do you delete a Library? Help only covers creating & managing Libraries.
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