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Common User Issues: Generate test data using GenerateData.com
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Posted At: 10/6/2012 12:48 AM
Generate test data using GenerateData.com


There are times when you need test data in order to test how your application scales.

GenerateData.com helps you generate test data in many popular formats like html, xml, csv. excel etc. Let's see how we can use it.

How to:

Goto generatedata.com

Enter column name in column title and select Datatype from drop down.

For ID AutoIncrement Datatype is selected and in options (Start at ) 1 is entered because from which value user wants to start his id number.

And in increment it is given 1 because user wants to increase its id by 1.

Second field is inserted (Functional Group) whose DataType is custom list . The item of custom list is inserted in Enter values Seperated textbox and items should be separated by “|”.

If user has more rows then shown than user can add more values by entering exact figure and click on Row(s) textbox.​

After entering all data user has to select Result Type, For Result type option is given on top (HTML,Excel,XML,CSV,SQL), Select the desired Result Type.

And finally click on generate button and if user has selected Excel for result type and an excel will generate and then user can import excel to Database.


It is really easy and straight forward to genreate test data for almost any kind.

If you have any questions about SharePoint Development visit - binaryrepublik.com.

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