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Common User Issues: What are the solutions available to businesses?
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Posted At: 12/1/2012 2:05 AM
What are the solutions available to businesses?
Simple solution softwares are available to help a business streamline many of its web based sharing needs, applications, portal requirements etcetera. One of the most widely used software is from the house of Microsoft. The web application and software called Microsoft SharePoint is widely used globally for its many applications and the features that make it a bundle solution.

1. Web based solution software, reducing need for system upgrades

2. Easy to maintain, upgrade and access

3. User-friendly graphic interface with highly customizable options

4. Ability to integrate with the other Microsoft applications and software

5. Ability to design web portals, share files, reports

6. Ensure streamlined access, updates to various reports, presentations and files enabling tracking of changes and update of data and information in real time

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