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Common User Issues: How to remove a user from subscription list?
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Posted At: 7/9/2004 10:23 AM
How to remove a user from subscription list?
We have a Sharepoint Portal Server 2001(V1) environment.
There was a user X who subscribed to folders and documents on a workspace.
The user X left the organization and so the Active Directory people removed his entry.
Since the cleanup, the workspace Coordinator started getting "Undeliverable:Subscription Notification from workspace on sharepoint server" notification mails stating that the recipient X could not be reached everytime when there is a change in the folders or documents he subscribed for.
When I tried to remove all of the user X's subscriptions using 'Manage Subscriptions' webpart in the Management Dashboard, I got an error saying "Failed to get Subscription results for Domain\UserX". This was obvious as there was no such user in the active directory. But still the coordinator gets the delivery failure notification mails.
How do I go about clearing the User X's subscription in this scenario?
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