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Common User Issues: A Complete Guide To Fix Canon Printer Error...
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Posted At: 2/11/2021 12:01 AM
A Complete Guide To Fix Canon Printer Error 5b00 - Dial 817 442 6637

 The Canon printer error 5b00 is one of the most pervasive errors bugging Canon printer users. when encountering this error, the printer shall boot normally, but all the printing and scanning operations shall halt. This error usually alludes to the faulty usage of ink cartridges.

If the error code 5b00 is disrupting your printing operations and want a quick and easy fix to this error, you are at the right place. This blog provides a quick and easy solution to fix this issue.

How to fix Canon printer error 5b00?1) Resetting the waste ink counter

The Canon printer 5b00 error usually occurs due to ink spills and can be resolved by resetting the printer. To implement this step simply and unfasten all the connections to and from the printer. turn off the printer and open the cartridge door. Press and hold the power button while plugging in the various cords. Once all lights are lit up, you can release the button. Double press the power button and wait till the green light stabilizes. Close the cartridge door and voila, you are all set to use your printer.

Also read:: Brother printer error lightIf the canon error 5b00 continues, you could execute the second method.2) Cleansing the waste ink pad manually

Open the ink cartridge segment of your printer and dismantle the power cord of the printer. Carefully remove the cartridges. Locate a tiny square part resembling a foam pad.  It is situated behind the white rollers. Gently pull out the pad and using a clean soft towel wipe it clean. Set it again, followed by installing the cartridges. Press and hold the power button, while fastening the power cord. After halting for 5 seconds, tap the power button again to reset the internal memory and rectify the 5b00 error of the canon printer.

If the above Canon Printer troubleshooting procedures weren’t that efficacious, fret not. Our team of experts has got it covered.

Simply dial our Canon Printer support number (817) 442-6637 and leave your printer error on us to fix it. I hope this blog was helpful. 

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