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Common User Issues: How to change ProtonMail password?
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Posted At: 3/25/2021 5:27 AM
How to change ProtonMail password?

To help keep your email account as secure as could really be expected, Proton Mail offers a double secret key framework with a different login and letter drop secret key. The login secret key is utilized to sign in to your email account and is contrasted with the hash of the secret key put away in Proton Mail’s data set. The Mailbox secret word is rarely communicated however, all things considered; it is utilized customer side to unscramble the encoded post box information that is sent by the worker.
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Tip: Proton Mail offers a conventional single secret key login framework that offers comparative degrees of safety and makes it simpler to sign in. One of the essential advantages of the two-secret phrase framework is that the subsequent secret word is never known by anybody other than you. In spite of the fact that you ought to know it is additionally difficult to recuperate the post box secret phrase in the event that you fail to remember it as its absolutely impossible for Proton Mail to decode the information.
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