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Change Password
Can someone tell me how to change my password?
3/6/2003 5:45 PM
Change Password

Click on “Site Settings” on the menu bar.

At the bottom of the screen under the section titled “Manage My Information,” click on “View information about site users.”

Click on your name in the list of users that appears.

At the bottom of the screen, click on “Change Password”

Enter the new password.

Enter the new password again to confirm it.

Click OK

3/11/2003 10:46 PM
Reached the # of Users Limit
I signed up for the 5 Users with 10 MB storage free trial and added 5 users to my site.
I deleted a user and tried to invite another but was not allowed.
I now only have 4 user accounts and am not allowed to invite the 5th.
Can you help?
3/17/2003 5:53 PM
Reached the # of Users Limit
There is a Manage Site Collection Users page for the site collection as a whole for Site Owners to delete users from.  Deleting users from this page reduces the quota so that new users can be invited.  For the site owner, the way to delete accounts is to do the following:
Site Settings, Go to Site Administration, View Site Collection User Information.  On this page if you delete an account it deletes...
3/17/2003 5:52 PM
Second Login box to open documents (anonymous access - nothing)
I have my site set to allow anonymous users to access nothing on my site. When you go to the sites URL, you are prompted for a UID and PWD. Once in the site, if you select a document to open, you are prompted for credentials once again. Is this normal?
3/21/2003 3:21 PM
Second Login box to open documents (no anonymous access)
Yes, this is by design.
The first dialog prompt is to authenticate to the site.  The second dialog is a separate authentication request for the office application since it is in a different context.
3/21/2003 3:20 PM
How can I change the password of an existing user?
 (no text)
4/1/2003 8:31 PM
I cannot use the datasheet view
I have been unable to set up customized lists in datasheet form.   I keep getting the message compatatible data sheet control not installed or active x control disabled.
4/3/2003 12:04 PM
I cannot use the datasheet view
The datasheet view requires that you have Office 2003 installed.  You can request a beta version of this software at http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/orderbeta.asp.
4/3/2003 12:04 PM
Problem with Smart Tag that integrates Sharepoint and Windows Messenger
Hi all,
I am having problem with smart tags for integrating Windows Messenger 4.7 with SharePoint users.  The icon comes up and status of the person is displayed correctly.  However, I cannot get the pop up menu for sending messages to come up in the SharePoint site.  i have Office 11 installed as well as Windows Messenger 4.7
Any info is greatly appreciated!
5/6/2003 2:05 PM
How can users change their own passwords?
Can I have users change their own passwords?
6/18/2003 2:28 PM
File Size Limit On Upload?
One of our users said that he couldn't upload a file (~4MB) and said he got an error message that said something about "security settings?".   I asked him to try uploading a smallish file and he was able to do that (~50K Excel spreadsheet).  Is there an upload file size limit?  Dave.
7/16/2003 4:51 PM
Problem with Smart Tag that integrates Sharepoint and Windows Messenger
Add the site to your Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options, Security.
8/22/2003 3:06 PM
Is there a known issue regarding per-list permissions?
 How do you forbid access to a list for a specific user (or even site-group) ? It seems that even a reader can Read/Edit/Modify/Save any item of a list.
8/26/2003 12:09 PM
I cannot use the datasheet view
An Active-X control is required to use the datasheet view.  This control is installed on your system when you install FrontPage 2003.  We are currently looking into ways to autoinstall it the first time you click on the DataSheet button.
9/10/2003 9:30 PM
Second Login box to open documents (no anonymous access)
If this is by design, why is it that some get prompted and others do not?
9/15/2003 10:01 AM
Change Password
Is it possible to integrate IM client with SPS v2
9/22/2003 9:57 AM
Change Password Help
I need for the user to be able to change their own password.  Is this possible?  I looked under manage my setting and didn't find it .  Please help
thanks in advanced
9/24/2003 1:44 PM
Change Password
anyone know how to change password in web without changing in sharepoint team services?
10/9/2003 10:43 PM
Change Password pls assist
after i click on my name in the list of users that appears. there is no "Change Password" appear at the bottom of the screen and no password allowed me to change. pls assist thx
i'm using sharepoint team services ver2
10/9/2003 10:49 PM
Change Password
Same with me.  No "Change Password" option presented.  Why?
10/23/2003 10:13 PM
Change Password
 (no text)
11/5/2003 9:33 AM
File Size Limit On Upload?
Am experiencing similar issue....
Though the acceptable file size is diminishing... now down to 2MB
11/9/2003 8:11 PM
Change Password
You will need to build your own module, you use to have this using IIS and legacy app. YOU can only change password if you use WSS in Account creation mode.
11/13/2003 4:16 PM
Change Password
11/26/2003 9:19 AM
I cannot use the datasheet view
I have installed frontpage 2003 on the server but I am still having the same problem. All active X controls are enabled - is there anything else I should be aware of?
11/27/2003 8:21 AM
In "Explorer View", documents cannot be dragged into folders...
Has anyone else come across this issue:
In "Explorer View", documents cannot be dragged into folders unless the document is a WinZip file
12/12/2003 11:33 AM
In "Explorer View", documents cannot be dragged into folders...
Your security settings may be too strict. Try the following:
1) In Microsoft Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options, and click the Security tab.

2) In the Select a Web content zone to specify its security settings box, click Trusted sites, and then click Sites.

3) In the Add this Web site to the zone box, type the URL of your team Web site, and then click Add.
12/12/2003 11:41 AM
Can you attach keywords attached to documents?
Is there any way to attach key words to documents so that they will be used during the search
12/16/2003 6:03 PM
I cannot use the datasheet view
It is because you need Office 2003.  After I installed this it worked (Datasheet view)
12/24/2003 10:23 AM
Support for FTP and Secure file transfer
1. Can I access data thru FTP instead of clicking in a browser. I want to do it from within my applications using an FTP client ActiveX?
2. Does it support Secure FTP (sFTP)?
3. Apparently I can only upload a single file. Is it possible to upload a full folder or directory and sub-directory structure in one go?
3. How much is the speed difference between normal and SSL version?
1/8/2004 6:58 AM
I have exactly the same problem!
I can give people read access but for lists and document libraries i dont seem to be able to change any permissions.
The help file says there is a 'change permissions' option under the general settings of each list.
That option is not there for me!!
Anybody got any ideas?
1/16/2004 8:39 AM
browser keeps freezing
Is there an issue that would make my browser freeze up? This has happened about 10 times in a row...I'm using the latest version of IE
1/23/2004 7:46 PM
browser keeps freezing
Can you provide any more detail as to what activity you were trying to complete when the browser freezes?
1/26/2004 1:42 PM
How can users change their own passwords?
Only Users with Administrator Permission level can change thier own or others passwords.
1/27/2004 9:53 PM
Can you attach keywords attached to documents?
Keywords or search words can be placed in a seperate field in the list.
1/27/2004 9:56 PM
How can I change the password of an existing user?
Go to Site Settings
Go To Site Administration
Go to View Site Collection User Information
Click on User
Click on Change password
2/6/2004 3:08 PM
Can only open a word document in read-only mode..
Can only open a word document in read-only mode. I'm using Office XP, I'm an administrator and I can still only open documents in read-only mode.
2/18/2004 2:49 PM
Trial Site - unable to login
I have a new SharePoint trial site, but I'm not able to login because I haven't received any information about user/password.
2/23/2004 4:24 AM
Can you attach keywords attached to documents?
Just create a new custom column for the document and supply whatever values you'd like.
2/23/2004 3:20 PM
Domain or Standalone
Hi, Can I install SPS 2003 in a stand-alone machine (for initial development) or is there any requirement that the server has to be a part of a domain ? I have installed SPS 2003 in a standalone machine with internet access and connecting to a SQL database server through TCP/IP. Will it work ? Any response would be very helpful.
2/27/2004 2:58 PM
Domain or Standalone
We have just went through the development phase doing exactly what you are asking. Make sure you read through the Admin.chm thoroughly before attempting to move it live onto your domain. My suggestion is this: Create the Sharepoint server on the single PC using S2k3, IIS6.0, and Sharepoint's latest version. Install Sharepoint via the Server Farm method connecting to your Sql Server. When you go to...
3/4/2004 11:44 AM
Doesn't exist for top-level portal site
You cannot give permissions to lists on the top level portal site, but you can with lists in sub sites.  I was dissappointed with this myself.
3/6/2004 11:21 AM
File Size Limit On Upload?
yes, set by the system administrator at the portal level.
3/11/2004 5:27 PM
Uploaded Document/Attachment storage
Could anyone tell me where documents and attachements are stored when uploaded to a sharepoint services website?  I assume that it documents are stored in the SQL database.  Is this correct?
3/16/2004 5:27 PM
Customizing a field to be read-only
I have set up a field that contains a single line of text, and I have used the [Me] function to display the name of the user currently logged on.  Is there any way that I can set this entry to read-only, so that the name can never been altered when someone is logged on?
3/18/2004 9:21 AM
How can a user change their own password -- (i noticed it has been posed before but no answer - moderator help)
We want to be able to assign a password to user that they can subsequently change.  Is there a way to do that? I am using SPS v.2.  THanks in advance.  PT
3/24/2004 12:45 PM
How to delete a link
I have set up two URLS, and now want to delete one of them.  How do I delete the link?
3/24/2004 1:37 PM
Change Password
you can try going to windows admin tasks and change the password there.
3/29/2004 3:57 AM
Web Part Error!!!!!!!

I run Norton antivirus, (which delete files) since then I get following message:

Web Part Error: One of the properties of the Web Part has an incorrect format. Windows SharePoint Services cannot deserialize the Web Part. Check the format of the properties and try again.

What should I do?

3/10/2006 11:09 AM
How can I change the password of an existing user?
Unfortunatley this only works if you are the person who set-up the user.
3/29/2004 2:42 PM
Can I create alerts for other users?
 (no text)
3/29/2004 2:43 PM
Change Password of what
Of WHat??
3/30/2004 11:57 PM
Cannot add Microsoft Outlook Smart Mailbox Web Part
I upload the Web Part and when i try to import the web part in my page, i have his message :
"Cannot import a Digital Dashboard Resource Kit (DDRK) version 3.0 Web Part. For more information, see the Windows SharePoint Services SDK or the SharePoint Products and Technologies SDK."
I search and i find nothing in this documentation.
What i have to do ?
3/10/2006 11:06 AM
Site Image
Somehow I seem to have deleted or hidden the site image webpart and cannot bring it back or create a new one. Anyone help?
4/13/2004 1:02 PM
Site Image
Under Modify Shared Page - Add Web Parts - Browse - Image Web Part. If you want to include the same SharePoint Image then use the URL: http://"INSERTYOURSITENAME".sharepointsite.com/_layouts/images/homepage.gif
4/13/2004 1:10 PM
Error: One of the properties of the Web Part has an incorrect format.
Problem: Deploying a Web Part. In its default state it works great. If I change one of the properties using the "Modify Shared Web Part" menu and apply it, on my second refresh of the page I get the dreaeded:
Web Part Error: One of the properties of the Web Part has an incorrect format. Windows SharePoint Services cannot deserialize the Web Part. Check the format of the properties and...
4/15/2004 7:13 PM
How to Provide Logout facility in a sharepoint portal
I need a facility for users to logout and login again as a different login?? Please provide any tips on this.
Thanks in advance
4/16/2004 5:59 AM
Can't access Word documents after upload
I'm not sure I've got the right terms here. Anyway, here's the issue.
I can place a document into a library, but once it's there I can't open it to check other people's changes or to add changes of my own.
There is a reference to a "drop arrow" in Help, but no such thing shows up anywhere on my screen. Presumably if it were visible, there would be an 'open file for edit' option or...
4/16/2004 11:56 PM
Can I create alerts for other users?
4/20/2004 6:22 PM
Can only open a word document in read-only mode..
I'm an administrator and can only open any word documents in read-only mode..
Actually any user that opens an office document is opened as read-only
HELP !!!!!!!!!!!
4/22/2004 10:38 AM
Support for FTP and Secure file transfer
SharePoint has the ability to provide Login and Password protected access to File Folders like FTP and can be deployed with SSL for secure file access and transfer.
4/28/2004 11:42 AM
I get a Page cannot be displayed when clicking the Explorer View in a list
On some of the machines I installed WSS it works, in some it gives the above error.
Also, if you have approval routing enabled, the explorer view doesn't take that into account, no matter what rights you have, you can always see all documents?
5/10/2004 9:56 AM
How to delete a List?
I want to delete one of my Task Lists. Can't figure out how to do it. Help?
5/18/2004 5:32 PM
Question about web parts
what is a web part?
3/10/2006 10:59 AM
unable to add users
I only have two users and I cannot add other users I checked around and noticed that there were other logins I didn't set up
like support, Administrator and another system user and that takes up the 5 quota my question is how do you delete the users that I didn't create
5/21/2004 11:49 AM
regarding trial version
I want to know when trial version expires, what ever we have configured will be lost or what?
3/10/2006 10:58 AM
Uploaded Document/Attachment storage
All the documents that you upload are stored in your sharepoint server in:
C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\nameofthe portal\shareDocuments
6/7/2004 7:25 PM
regarding trail version
In reading my trial version instructions, it satated we had 30 days before expiration, at that time you could purchase the tool and no loss would be experienced.  However, if you did not purchase the sharepoint services then your work would be lost. 
6/11/2004 12:14 PM
Customize Quick Launch
This is a basic question I think.
We are interested in Sharepoint so that we can organize all our project information into one place creating sub sites for each of our projects and then inviting staff and public members to participate in those sub sites. My thing is that I want to have the quick launch section on the left side list all the sub sites that have been created and I can't for the...
7/1/2004 11:01 AM
Datasheet mode error
I have office 2003 and have active X enabled. Still get error when I try to view in datasheet mode.
7/2/2004 1:26 PM
How to delete a link
Go to Documents & Lists in the top menu bar, select Links and then delete the appropriate link
7/2/2004 4:17 PM
Customize Quick Launch
To customize the Quick Launch column, you need to access the site using FrontPage 2003 and open the top-level default.aspx page. If you mouseover the Quick Launch section, FrontPage 2003 provides a simple interface for updating the listings.
James Soulsby
7/2/2004 4:19 PM
How to remove a user from subscription list?
We have a Sharepoint Portal Server 2001(V1) environment.
There was a user X who subscribed to folders and documents on a workspace.
The user X left the organization and so the Active Directory people removed his entry.
Since the cleanup, the workspace Coordinator started getting "Undeliverable:Subscription Notification from workspace on sharepoint server" notification mails stating...
7/9/2004 10:23 AM
How to remove a user from subscription list?
Thanks a bunch to Robert!!
Used PLEX.EXE tool.
7/9/2004 11:34 AM
Can I create alerts for other users?
That component looks great, but how do we use it with the Apptix sharepoint hosting?  If I upload it as a webpart, I simply get a message saying that I can't use it because it's not registered on the site as safe.
7/9/2004 12:59 PM
Second Login box to open documents (anonymous access - nothing)
Yes it's normal, to get around this you can add that site to your trusted site in your IE Browser
7/10/2004 7:09 PM
Error: One of the properties of the Web Part has an incorrect format.
this.SaveProperties = true;  should be put in your renderWebPart function.  In order for the code  to work, your webcontrol must have full truest, and one of the ways to achieve full trust is to register the webpart in the gac.
hope this helps,
7/14/2004 12:58 PM
How to delete a List?
I suppose you muyst be administrator to delete a list.
- Click on the lits
- from the Actions menu on the left click "Modify settings and columns"
- under "General Settings" click "Delete this list"
Now wasn't this obvious? ;)
7/19/2004 5:00 AM
How can I change the password of an existing user?
I had this problem...I had admin rights, I created my own site, yet I couldn't change the pwd for any of the users on my site.
this is what I found out.
- Site settings
- System Admin
- view site collection user information
- select the individual you wish to give the rights to change someone else's pwd (typically yourself)
- edit user information
then check the box: Site...
7/21/2004 11:07 AM
How can I change the password of an existing user?
You must have Site Collection Administrator rights to perform this.
7/27/2004 4:25 AM
Datasheet mode error
You also need to have Access 2003, do you have this?
8/3/2004 12:59 PM
I get a Page cannot be displayed when clicking the Explorer View in a list
I was getting the same error... make sure the WebClient service is started (and should be set to Automatic).  Explorer View uses WebDAV which leverages the WebClient service on the local machine.
8/4/2004 1:07 PM
In "Explorer View", documents cannot be dragged into folders...
I spite of having all these settings in place, I am still not able to view any documents or folders in explorer view. Also if I try to open the documents in Explorer view with the server name as URL, then I can see the documents in Explorer View, but if I open the explorer view with the alias name, it does not list the documents and folders.
8/17/2004 8:14 AM
How can a user change their own password -- (i noticed it has been posed before but no answer - moderator help)
We are running Windows Sharpoint Services (WSS) Ver. 2 and have it configured to authenticate against the our Active Directory. Users inside the firewall can chage their passwords using the standard Windows utilities. User outside of the firewall, however, don't have that ability out of the box.
To get around this we ended up writing a web part giving external users the ability...
8/23/2004 7:31 PM
In "Explorer View", documents cannot be dragged into folders...
1) In Internet Explorer, select Tools, Internet Options
2) Under the "Security" tab, select "Trusted Sites" and press the "Sites" button
3) Uncheck the "Require server verification (https://...) in all sites of this zone" box
4) In the "Add this WEB site.." edit box, enter your portal url (http://<my portal site>, and press the "Add"...
9/3/2004 5:01 PM
Change Password
I am curious to where these replies go.  I see some interesting info that could be helpful to me.
9/16/2004 10:12 AM
Can I create alerts for other users?
Yes. you can. If you have 'administrator' permission on that particular site. Go to Site administration page and then into Alert settings and make necessary changes.
9/21/2004 8:05 AM
File Size Limit On Upload?
To change the storage limit for a site:
Double a quota limit
1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click SharePoint Central Administration.
2. Under Component Configuration, click Manage quotas and locks.
3. On the Manage Quotas and Locks page, click Manage site collection quotas and locks.
4. Enter the URL of the site collection,...
9/30/2004 11:18 AM
How to delete a List?
Any answer to this?
10/9/2004 9:24 PM
Customize Quick Launch
Could you be more explicit? What do you mean access the site with FrontPage 2003. There is no mouse-over on the quick launch using FrontPage. The only thing I can see is a user control "<SPSWC:CategoryNavigationWebPart runat="server" id="VerticalNavBar" DisplayStyle="VerticalOneLayer" />" which I cannot edit!
10/15/2004 10:55 AM
User Guide
Could you please tell me where is the user guide of WSS. Thanks in advance
11/9/2004 2:50 PM
User Guide
The included help links on all of our sites will take you to the full users guide supplied by Microsoft.
11/10/2004 6:45 AM
Problem with Smart Tag that integrates Sharepoint and Windows Messenger
Can u please tell us how u used Messenger with Share point
11/26/2004 12:04 AM
browser keeps freezing
If any of your pages have links to external sites like the MSNBC weather or news feeds or some other page viewer web part etc.. your sharepoint site will freeze if there are issues with the external sites such as page not found problem.
11/30/2004 4:16 PM
Problem with Smart Tag that integrates Sharepoint and Windows Messenger
Use email account associated with your SharePoint login to register for a messenger account, then the Icon will work properly.
12/6/2004 2:47 PM
File Size Limit On Upload?
Along with the file size limit, there is a collective site limit that may be causing you a problem (central administration>Manage quotas and locks).
12/6/2004 2:52 PM
Change Password Help
There are web parts out there that are free that should allow users to change their password. If you have your SharePoint site set up in Active Directory account mode then you will be able to change your password automaticly under update my information. The free one is available here http://dev.collutions.com/Beta/pages/Utilities.aspx but I have not been able to get it to work. There is another...
12/6/2004 2:56 PM
Datasheet view problems
I have seen other postings for this with no real resolution.
I have a new laptop with Office 2003 Standard.
IE 6 sp2 with Active X enabled.
Windows XP Home.
When trying to view datasheet, I get the message that a compatible component not installed or ActiveX not active.
12/8/2004 10:59 PM
Top Level
You should use the allow class:
Example (extract all documents in Sharepoint Portal)
Dim globalAdmin As New SPGlobalAdmin
                Dim uri As New System.Uri("http://srvsp2003")
12/10/2004 7:43 AM
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